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Spores Network Emerging as a Major NFT Player

Spores Network views the emerging digital NFT “metaverse,” revolutionizing our thoughts, beliefs, and actions about owning and sharing our physical and digital lives.
Empowering all NTF creators, creating, trading, and expressing their life’s work, Spores Network emerges to answer the call.

Spores Network Background

The Spores NFT platform is both feature-rich and cross-chain interoperable — enabling users to auction and exchange their NFT assets while utilizing other DeFi products without barriers.

Leveraging the blockchain and using smart contract technology to authenticate NFTs, Spores tracks ownership records alongside buying/selling histories, securely decentralizing their trading procedure.

This is noteworthy, as Spores fully complies with intellectual property and copyright licenses, protecting the NFT creators’ and owners’ benefits.

Delivering the full range of features, while facilitating and benefiting all participants (artwork and content creators, game developers, entertainment producers, clubs, collectors, celebrities, and fans, etc), Spores promotes a creator-centric, frictionless, borderless, and community-driven ecosystem.

Top 7 Reasons for Choosing Spores Network

1. Full-Stack NFT Mining Portal
2. NFT Marketplace
3. Asian-Centric
4. Cross-chain DeFi Protocol
5. Cardstarter Launch
6. $217,000 Initial Market Cap
7. Experienced and Proven Team

Top 5 Spores Network Features

1. Gamified royalty sharing: Royalty sharing
for NFT creators, incentives for users and
traders with transaction mining.

2. T-DeFi: Fractionalizing multiple NFTs,
using LP mining on DEXes, lending, and
staking to improve overall liquidity

3. Batch minting & transfer: Minting and
transferring NFT bundles with minimal

4. User friendly: NFT creation and trading for
anyone lacking coding or blockchain
skills and experience.

5. NFT drops: Free NFT drops from notable
and exclusive creators to users and LPs

Notable Spores Network Milestones

. MVP Alpha (UI/UX): System architecture
design complete with user flow and part of
the UI.

. MVP Beta (Public): The projected release
date is August 8th, 2021.

. Investors signed with the project
oversubscribed and funded within 2

SPO Token Specifics

. SPO token: The native token of Spores
Platform designed for community
governance and DeFi utilization will
NFT-creator-centricity and
DeFi-community-driven purpose.

 . Incentivization: SPO motivates NFT
creators, buyers, agents, and liquidity
providers across its ecosystem.

 . Transaction fee: Distributed to NFT
Creators, SPO stakeholders, Spores
Foundation, and the Reserve Fund to
buy back tokens and to grant
development proposals.

 . Royalty sharing: Create items and trade
NFTs on Spores, while earning income
streams through royalty.

Major Competitors and USPs

The chart shows how Sports Network stacks up against its closest competitors: differentiating through creator vertical expertise, De-Fi solutions, and cross-chain interoperability.

Believing content is king, Spores Network expects to launch a venture fund dedicated to NFT and DeFi projects, including blockchain game publishing, which can expand the reach of its ecosystem.

Spores Network is primarily Asian-centric, willing to focus on and promote industries with heavy Asian participation such as digital art, gaming, animation, celebrity, and e-sports.

Spores Network Work Flow

Differentiators and USPs

. Tech USP: Creators can mint and manage their NFTs in a simple and streamlined way. Spores’ open-source SDK allows
creators to set up their own
white-labeled mini-site with ease.

. Creator-friendly USP: Spores allows for a
certain level of curation and marketing
support for creators from its platform.
Creators can customize a residual
royalty, so they will get x% of the sales
price from every secondary trade, so
they benefit as their works appreciate in

. Loyalty USP: Spores will create a liquidity
mining program that rewards creators as
they sell more NFTs pieces on its
platform and also reward buyers for
transactions on its platform.

. Content USP: Spores plans to dedicate its
marketplace to be Asia-centric, with a
focus on digital art, gaming, animation,
celebrity, and e-sports. It is willing to
license and even co-publish NFT
adjacent projects, from investing in digital
artists to co-financing the building of
metaverses and blockchain games.

. Animation studios looking to enter NFT/
blockchain: Animoca Brands, Razer,
Tencent, Netease, EPIC, EA, other crypto

Current Issues in the NFT

As the NFT market continues exponential
growth, one item sticks out.

The use case for NFTs is not being met.

Naturally, this is because NFTs as a digital asset class is still new.

NFT trading platforms are general in services, lacking customization.

These trading platforms can’t handle high traffic volumes, operate with limited payment methods, high gas fees, while lacking consistent, user-friendly interfaces, amongst other limitations.

Despite much hype around NFTs, adoption across industries, including E-marketplaces, remains to be seen.

Clearly, this opens the doors for new projects challenging the current status quo, while delivering wider adoption.

As many limitations need addressing, one stands out from the rest.

Amongst many NFT issues, the lack of liquidity stands out in an otherwise liquid crypto market.

About Spores Network

Spores Network runs Asia’s premier NFT marketplace, supported by DeFi and Dev Tools for cross-chain interoperability. Believers in a frictionless, borderless, and creator-centric metaverse, we seek to scale the world’s best NFT + DeFi ecosystem.

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